Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Shots from Israel 2011: More Food

Rosh Hashana table...fresh dates, pomegranate & beets
kebab-bread bowl at famous Al Babour restaurant
chopping parsley at Al Babour
Lamb chops with smoking rosemary
Hummus, olives and a myriad of salads

New Shots from Israel 2011: Food

The famous "jerusalem mix"
Two Yemenite guys in a Yemenite restaurant...
Yemenite Leg Soup
Staples: pita, rice and beans, malt "beer"

New Shots from Israel 2011: Beauty of the North (Amirim)


Companions by the tsimer.

New Shots from Israel 2011: Jerusalem

Old City walls...
Scarves in the market
Yafo Street
Arches in the Old City

New Shots from Israel 2011: Tel Aviv-Yafo

Gritty art and classic view in Yafo
Owls in the Yafo flea market
young bowed trees in Yafo's new promenade park

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Solstice Project, First Shot, June 2006

Since the summer of 2006, when I graduated from college, I've taken self portraits on the summer and winter solstice of each year. I decided to photograph my evolving self on the turning points of the year, days that always stirred something inside me.
After 5 years I had a nice little collection to show... Each photo should capture something about where I was and what I was up to at the time. For example, the first was taken when I worked as an art model which was why I chose to pose nude - for the blog I chose the blurred shot so as to be family friendly. We can just decide that the motion blur speaks to my rapidly changing life at that point in time. My new diploma from Shepherd University is in the corner as well as some framed photos from my senior art show, and I'm sleeping on the floor- no mattress to speak of ..yet. Other images posted below in chronological order.